Brian Armstrong, the Co-founder & CEO of Coinbase, recently tweeted his frustration of an issue in the world that is near and dear to our heart. Though Brian called out Apple and Google in his tweet he essence he outlined Nomad Nodes. His frustration of being locked out of a perfectly capable WiFi hotspot due to it being password protected is one aspect that we would like to see a thing of the past.


Bandwidth is so under utilized. You’re often within range of many WiFi routers that are password protected but not heavily used. Would be interesting if Apple or Google made a default setting on all routers to “share this internet connection with others while it’s not being used”


Brian continues with his tweet to outline another aspect of our network in regards to our auto connecting aspects. Our system acts similar to a mesh WiFi system where if you have connected to one Nomad Node in the past it will automatically connect to any other available Nomad Node. 


…then make iOS or Android devices auto connect to these routers. 

A startup may be able to do the same (crypto incentives help) …

 It’s nice to know that even people like Brian Armstong, who must have access to unlimited cellular data, still feels the same frustration of WiFi and feels strongly enough to highlight the need for a better system.